Surf Foilboard

Who is it for?
Hover Surf Ascends are for surfers who want a compact foilboard with plenty of volume.

What does it do?
These boards paddle comfortably, take off easily and have minimal swing weight.

Why is it unique?
Hover Surf Ascends are super compact yet still has plenty of volume to catch waves with ease while the Carbon Ultra construction gives the Hover Surf Ascend another level in handling performance!

What’s new?
The rockerline is flatter for increased paddle power.

For 2020, Naish introduces the Ultra Carbon Construction for riders who are looking for ultimate lightweight performance with further minimized swing weight. This construction utilizes a higher density 30 kg EPS core with a full 3K carbon layup, and the entire deck features a wood sandwich layer to enhance durability in the stance area. Both the nose and tail have additional reinforcements, and the foil track system sits in our proven high density PVC block that is laminated into and throughout the board with staggered carbon layers. The entire board is produced in a multi-stage vacuum process which provides great skin tension for each layer at minimal weight.

If catching small waves early and getting to your feet quickly is the key to surf foiling, the Hover Surf Ascend unlocks the ride easily and intuitively. The Hover Ascends are recommended for riders who are looking for a dedicated design that allows them to go shorter (in consideration of volume) without sacrificing paddle ability.

View the Board Specifications Comparison Chart HERE.

Hover SURF Ascend 4'4" Carbon Ultra is ideal for rider up to 180 lbs/81 kg.
Hover SURF Ascend 4'8" Carbon Ultra is ideal for rider up to 200 lbs/91 kg.
Hover SURF Ascend 5'0" Carbon Ultra is ideal for rider up to 220 lbs/100 kg. 
Hover SURF Ascend 5'4" & 5'8" Carbon Ultra is ideal for riders up to 220+ lbs.

Hover SURF Ascend 4'4" Carbon Ultra 4'4"/132 cm 20"/50.8 cm 2 2/3"/6 cm 32 L
Hover SURF Ascend 4'8" Carbon Ultra 4'8"/142.2 cm 21"/53.3 cm 2 1/2"/6.4 cm 36 L
Hover SURF Ascend 5'0" Carbon Ultra 5'0"/152.4 cm 22"/55.9 cm 2 1/2"/6.4 cm 41 L
Hover SURF Ascend 5'4" Carbon Ultra 5'4"/162.6 cm 22"/55.9 cm 2 1/2"/6.4 cm 45 L
Hover SURF Ascend 5'8" Carbon Ultra 5'8"/172.7 cm 22 1/2"/57.2 cm 2 5/8"/6.7 cm 50 L


  • Full 3k Carbon Vacuum Wrap = Extremely lightweight & high skin tension

  • Wood Reinforced Stance Area = Increased strength & durability

  • Glass Matrix Deck & Bottom = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio

  • CNC Cut 30 kg EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping


High density PVC foil track system with (2) 10” US Boxes

Optimized foil positioning for more or less lift

Concave Deck

Reference for sweet spot + paddle comfort

Wide & Parallel Outline

Paddling & take off stability

Compact High Volume Design

Allows to ride shorter boards with less swing weight

Wide Tail Release

Gives the necessary stability to ride such a short board

Beveled Rail Design

Ultimate clearance in turns & soft touch down performance

Carbon Wood Vacuum Sandwich Construction

Lightest weight and stiffest flex for optimized surf foiling performance