Two Wing-Surfers on the ocean using foil boards
Bernd Roediger on the 2020 Naish Wing-Surfer.

Top of the Wing-surfer on red orange and grayBottom view of the 2020 Wing-Surfer in red orange and gray


The Wing-Surfer is the ultimate handheld inflatable boardriding wing. It’s a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite but with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached! It is made with the same industry leading and high quality materials and construction as Naish kiteboarding kites, utilizing Quad-Tex canopy material and top-of-the-line Teijin dacron leading edge and strut for lightweight, yet long lasting performance.

Our goal with the Wing-Surfer was to pinpoint where performance meets simplicity. The Naish One Point Inflation System allows for quick inflation while integrated ergonomic handles along the center strut provides comfortable and easy handling. At 4 m2 the Wing-Surfer is just the right size to do it all – providing enough power and speed for light wind cruising on a stand up paddleboard or enough power and lift for a foil board to get up and glide in as little as 12 knots of wind. The dihedral swept wing design is perfectly balanced, lightweight, extremely stable and easy to handle. Integrated velcro straps on the handles allow for quick attachment of your SUP paddle for added mobility in case the wind dies. The Wing-Surfer deflates in seconds and packs up into the provided backpack for incredibly easy transport and travel.

Who is it for?
Board riders of all kinds looking for a new wind powered thrill.

What’s it do?
By harnessing the wind the Wing-Surfer lets you transform your stand up paddleboard or SUP foil board into a whole new riding experience.

Why is it unique?
It’s a unique cross between kitesurfing, windsurfing and foilsurfing with the added element to be used on any stand up paddleboard as well.


Integrated grab handles

Integrated Grab Handles
Lightweight & no extra parts

Kevlar Reinforcements

Kevlar Leading Edge Reinforcements
Abrasion resistance & durability

Integrated Wrist Leash
Comfortable & secure wing to rider connection

SUP Paddle Attachment
Added versatility & security

Airmax Pump
Quality high pressure pump with gauge

Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric

Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric
Stiffest, strongest canopy material on the market

Shark teeth trailing edge

Shark Teeth Trailing Edge
Reduces weight while minimizing & dispersing canopy flutter

Bladder Lock

Bladder Lock
Secures bladders ends and prevents slippage

SureLock Valve

SureLock Valve
Streamlined valve + pump hose locks to valve

One-point Inflation System

One Point Inflation System with 8 mm hoses
Super easy inflation and deflation of kite

HT Plus

HT Plus
This high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge along the seam, so you can confidently inflate to higher pressure for better flying characteristic